Throwing My Brother a Bachelor Party

My brother is getting married in about a month, and he has asked me to be his best man. I am really looking forward to it too, and it is not just because I am officially the one in charge of the bachelor party. I am genuinely happy for him, because I know he is marrying a really great woman who I welcome to our family with open arms. And, I guess I do have to admit, I am excited about the bachelor party too. I had looked into Diamond party buses because I wanted to have a safe party for him.

I knew that there would be some drinking involved, and I did not want anyone to compromise their principals or their ability to have fun by not drinking and driving. Since there are going to be nearly 30 of us involved in this party in just a couple of weeks, I wanted it to be as safe as possible while also being really fun too. That is why I decided to get a party bus, so someone else could be our designated driver. That means that we get to just focus on having fun and celebrating my brother’s upcoming nuptials.

The bus that I ended up getting is really nice. It will hold all of us comfortably without making any of us feel cramped. There is plenty of leg room, plus the party atmosphere itself is just really cool. We are going to be able to listen to music, have strobe lights going, share some drinks, and just celebrate my brother. He knows that we are doing something, but he has no idea it is to this extent. I honestly cannot wait to see his face when the party bus pulls up in his driveway to pick him up!