The Argument About Powerful industrial steam cleaner

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A very powerful industrial steam vacuum made specifically for extra power is JetVac Major 3 Phase. This industrial steam cleaner machine is designed to be most useful in food production floors of confectioneries, abattoir and large kitchens. Use for oily floor and carpet cleaning, clean and remove grease on machinery, deep clean equipment, conveyors and bottling lines of industrial engineering plants.

steam cleaner reviewsIt is also ideal for home in cleaning hard floors, walls, ceilings and kitchen. JetVac Major 3 Phase is a powerful industrial steam cleaner simply because of the best features it possesses.3 Phase Power supply — a feature that allows an extra high quality steam cleaning for long periods of time,Extreme Boiling and Suction Power — has a 10.8kW boiler that generates an impressive 260 g/min of +180°C superheated 94 percent dry steam with powerful 1200w wet/dry vacuum system, Large water tank for Continuous Steam — having a 15-litres large reserve water tank with water consumption of only 12-litres per hour at full pressure and boiler that allows the machine to run continuously with minimum water refills, Water or Detergent Injection — it cuts cleaning time tremendously as detergent is released while it runs; Jetvac Major can use either hot water or chemical injection along with superheated dry steam to clean and flush heavy soils more efficiently

What Exactly is Industrial steamer cleaners


You can merely replace the steam hose if you buy steam cleaners with replaceable hoses. We suggest only replaceable hoses. Continuous-refill steam cleaners, which lack pressure caps, are outstanding for applications requiring cleaning a large surface area whether for home and commercial cleaning applications. Those involved in facilities maintenance, commercial cleaning, hospitality, foodservice, health care and other markets can benefit from continuous-refill steam cleaners.


Workers often need to clean for hours and steam cleaners that allow them to clean without stopping are ideal to maximize their productivity. Steam cleaners with pressure caps take up to 20 minutes to depressurize, add water, and reheat. The construction of the steam cleaner case or housing is another very important attribute to consider when searching for the best steam cleaners.

High quality steam cleaners use either a heavy-duty plastic casing, one made of stainless steel, or else a combination of both. An easy rule to remember is if the steam cleaner vendor mentions the case or housing is metal and the color is anything but stainless steel, then the material is absolutely painted sheet metal. The problem with painted metal cases is they will rust over time due to heat generated from the steam cleaner.