Average Cost of a Meal in Costa Rica

Average Cost of a Meal in Costa Rica

One of the things you need to consider when planning a vacation in Costa Rica is the average cost of a meal. There are a lot of different restaurants you can choose from and they all serve different kinds of food. This can make it difficult to plan out your meal.

Rice and beans

Costa Rica is known for its delicious rice and beans. It is often served with a side of meat. This dish is simple to make and is perfect for breakfast or lunch.

The main ingredients in the dish include rice, beans, peppers, and cilantro. Traditionally, a dish like this is accompanied by fresh fruit. Avocado, agua de sapo, and a local beer are also common.

Gallo pinto is a very popular Costa Rican meal. It is similar to a Mexican soup, but with a lighter flavor. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

A typical Costa Rican meal includes meat, a salad, rice, and avocado. These dishes are served at restaurants, sodas, and markets.

Most foods are based on the traditional Costa Rican diet. In addition, you will find international food brands.


If you’re looking for a fresh and authentic seafood experience, Costa Rica is the place to go. The climate here is ideal for catching and preparing seafood. You can find a good selection of seafood at restaurants or from the beach.

The food is not as expensive as you might think. On the high end, a typical dinner for two can come in at around $30 for a single course. But if you opt for a more adventurous meal, you could be spending upwards of $50.

Aside from the cost of a seafood meal, there are other factors to keep in mind. For example, you will need to pay for your groceries. This depends on how many people you are traveling with and the size of your group.


Sodas are local eateries that serve traditional Costa Rican fare. They are often family run, and they are characterized by the fact that they are open air and inexpensive.

This allows customers to mingle with the locals and to enjoy affordable hearty meals.

These small establishments usually offer a buffet style meal. The largest sodas may offer a written menu. A plate of the day will cost about US$3-4.

While most sodas do not offer a full menu, they do offer an impressive number of options. Many serve empanadas, which are deep fried calzones filled with meat or vegetables. Some offer a number of different types, including the classic stuffed with rice and beans and the vegetarian version.

A typical Costa Rican meal will range in price from a few thousand colones to a few dollars. It might be wise to stick to one or two dishes.


A typical Costa Rican dinner will consist of meat, rice, beans, and vegetables. The meat may be pork, beef, or chicken. Most dishes will come with salad and a side of fruit.

The cost of a meal in Costa Rica can vary, but you can expect to pay about 7,500 CRC ($15) for a dinner. This includes two sides, a drink, and sales tax. For lunch, the average costs will be 5,000 CRC ($10). However, you can find restaurants that will offer you a boca for free, or even for just a few colones.

Bocas are popular in Costa Rica. They can be found in most bars and are usually served with an appetizer. Some of the more common bocas include fried yuca, plantains, and chicken.

Traditional Costa Rican food demonstrates many influences

Traditional Costa Rican food displays influences from a variety of cultures. This vibrant mix of culinary heritage makes for an interesting national palate. Most of the country’s meals are simple, with rice, beans and vegetables as the main components.

During the holiday season, Costa Ricans will eat tamales, which are stuffed with meat and wrapped in a banana leaf. In some places, they’ll also eat pork cracklings.

Ceviche is a popular dish in Costa Rica. Fish or shrimp are marinated in lime juice for at least an hour before being served. Often, it’s mixed with chuchecas (small corn kernels) and a lot of tomatoes and onions.

One of the most common dishes in the morning is gallo pinto. A combination of red and white beans is cooked with rice. The dish is served with a strong cup of coffee. It’s often described as the Costa Rican national dish.