5 Facts of Fantastic Vacation in Singapore

5 Facts of Fantastic Vacation in Singapore

Singapore has long been acknowledged as one of the biggest tourism epicenters in Southeast Asia. It has wide arrays of amusement you might possibly imagine. You can also find the best hotels in Singapore and various hotel everywhere. 

However, many of us become unnerved when we decide on Singapore as our vacation destination, due to the unfamiliarity. Therefore, it’s a great start to learn and get to know what Singapore has to offers and how is it looks like in real life, which we’ve already covered below 

All Tourists, Welcome Abroad!

Most media portrayed Singapore along with its high-rise apartment, skyscraper buildings, futuristic entertainments, and all those lavish lifestyles, which somehow emits Singapore’s exclusivity for a select group of people. However, such is not the case. Singapore is open to all kinds of tourists! Be it the wealthy, eco-friendly friend, couple and family, or even solo travelers. There are practically no requirements nor limits on how travelers should be during their vacation, other than legal restrictions, which is obvious in all countries throughout the globe.

Safe Haven of Diversity

While the majority of Singaporeans labeled themselves with Chinese ethnicity, Singapore offers more than meets the eyes. Various ethnicities live in harmony side by side, like Malay, Indian. This fact alone caused tremendous cultural differences, like culinary for instance. It’s reassuring to know that Moslem travelers don’t have to be worried since there are tons of Halal foods available throughout Singapore. In terms of language, most Singaporeans are able to talk in four different languages, namely Chinese, English, Tamil, and Malay. In case you’re curious to communicate in a challenging way, there’s one unique language that was developed by Singaporeans as a creole named Singlish.

Dos and Don’ts

There are numerous rules or customs that Singaporeans uphold and often we know nothing of these. One of the said rules is that chewing gum is strictly forbidden without a medical prescription. Eating or drinking in public transportation during a commute is also strictly outlawed, let alone smoking, which is permissible in a designated area. This leads to the zeal of cleanliness, so don’t ever think of littering around or you might want to be fined or get tangled with laws. Aside from these serious illegal misconducts, there’s also a small custom that’s quite unfamiliar, like tipping a waiting staff, which is considered unnecessary since you already paid the service alongside your fee. There are tons of other rules that we may list here, but you’ll learn these soon enough once you’ve stepped your feet in Singapore.

When Push Comes to Shove

Having an overseas trip might be a daunting challenge especially in dire moments, like during a pandemic time. However, it’s necessary for you to think fast, act wisely, and take control of your current condition. Though when it comes to Singapore, you can rest assured knowing that it has the best measurements against almost any force majeure, like Covid-19. But that doesn’t mean that you can act carelessly during your trip.

Stay, Stay, Stay

In line with point 1, Singapore also offers many options for accommodations available to choose from. You can enjoy a wide range of villas, apartments, hotels, or even resorts, so all that is left for you is to pick the options that suit you best. When you’re quite tight on budget, but still desire to savor the trip anyway, you can choose to stay the night in a more affordable inn or capsule hotel. In Traveloka, you may unlock the possibility of having the greatest place to stay at the best price. Traveloka has partnered with well-known hotel chains throughout the globe like Marriott, Hilton, Frasers Hospitality, Dusit Hotels & Resorts, Pan Pacific Hotels Group, and many more!

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