Six Vital Things to Look Out for When Buying a Luggage

Six Vital Things to Look Out for When Buying a Luggage

What travel accessories do all the business trips, holidays, destination weddings, conferences, and meetings have in common?! All these events involve traveling, and all the journeys require luggage! One significant thing to recollect is this: Not all luggage is equal.

The right piece of luggage makes it easier and more stress-free for your travel. The wrong kind of baggage, well, let me just say this can be the cause of many problems you might experience during your journey! With seemingly infinite designs, shapes, and colors, it can seem like a frightening job to pick the right suitcase for your traveling needs.

We have listed precisely what to look for when it comes to molding out the perfect case, to help you identify the selling points of a potential luggage purchase.

1. Hard Shell

If it is of utmost importance to secure what is inside your suitcase, then skip the soft-case and go straight to the hard shells. In the airport, a bag is put through its paces from the baggage belt to the cargo hold. Having the sturdy, plastic exoskeleton minimizes your risk of damaging valuable, carefully packed camera equipment or thoughtfully chosen presents.

2. Expandable

One of the key reasons people have tended to steer clear of hard cases is their lack of versatility or willingness to “offer” a little while throwing extra things into the mix (e.g., delicate souvenirs, fashion ratings, frenzied emergency raingear purchases). But advances in case design solved this problem with the addition of an extra fabric panel, which can be unzipped when more space is needed. Always make sure that there is an expandable option in your new hard case.

3. Built-in Compartments.

Separate clothing parts, elasticated safety straps, and smaller pockets for electronics and accessories are features you’ll be glad to have when you get down to the packing business for your next outing. Before pulling out your credit card, make sure all the closures and zippers are tested to confirm that everything works the way it should.

4. Hefty Zipper & Pull Tabs.

The zippers are not all created equal. Looking for larger-toothed zippers when perusing the luggage section, their sturdier size helps suitcases survive travel wear, tear and minimizes their chances of popping up open during the journey. Look for good-sized pull-tabs for smoother zipping, too. When the airport taxi driver is hanging on your buzzer downstairs, there’s a bonus to anything that accelerates the last-minute packing process.

5. Buy the right luggage for the right event.

Several bags and luggage are available on the market. If you’re in a rush, you might tempt to pick something “okay” or good enough. Unfortunately, sometimes a good bag isn’t the right one. Getting the wrong gear can mean that if it’s too small, the owner ends up overstuffing it or carrying a piece that’s too heavy to haul around if the load is too large.

The correct type of bag depends on the length of one’s trip as well as the things the person ends up taking. Hence, having a range of pieces and sizes of luggage to choose from might be beneficial. But if you’re only beginning to purchase your luggage, the most sensible thing to do is remember the type of trip you’re most likely taking.

If you’re traveling a lot for work and staying for an average of 3 to 5 days, then a 23 “to 24” medium checked baggage will be the right choice. If you go away regularly on weekends, an international 18-20 “carry on would be more tailored to your needs.

6. Buy your products from a business providing outstanding customer service.

Many people who purchase luggage cannot even think about the value of customer service granted; if you buy cheap luggage from a chain store, then you might not get a lot of customer service. Yet customer service also cares a great deal. Often take note of how long the company has been going on and check if its customer service is up to snuff.

Preferably, if you call for any questions, it would be great to have a contact number where a real person answers the telephone line. It’s fine at best to have a contact email answering query to. You would also like to look at how long the firm has been in operation. A company that has been in existence for a considerable amount of time is better, so they don’t vanish on you. Be sure to read reviews about the piece of luggage you want to purchase. When buying luggage, it’s good to search online on websites like to see what other people’s opinions about the product. Read them but recognize that most reviews are left by people who are extremely unhappy about the product, or people who are completely blown away by it.