Iceland Gas Station Hot Dogs and Lamb Soup

Iceland Gas Station Hot Dogs and Lamb Soup

If you’re visiting Iceland and looking for a delicious snack, you’ve come to the right place. Iceland gas stations have a great selection of hot dogs and lamb soup. These items are often sold in large pots at the stations. Lamb soup is a rich, meaty concoction and a great alternative to hot dogs.

Baejarins Beztu

Icelanders have long enjoyed the hot dogs at the Baejarins Beztu hot dog stand, whose name translates to “Best Hot Dog in Town.” It has been serving up hot dogs in downtown Reykjavik since 1937. Famous visitors to Iceland, including Bill Clinton and Metallica, have enjoyed the hot dogs here.

The hot dogs are inexpensive and readily available in Iceland, making them a popular snack choice. The average hot dog costs 300 ISK, about $2.50 USD, which makes them an affordable snack choice. They are also a convenient option when driving on the Ring Road and at Keflavik Airport. While visiting Iceland, you should be sure to stop by Baejarins Beztu Pylsur, a popular hot dog stand in Reykjavik. Located near the harbor, the stand is famous for serving piping hot dogs to tourists.

The original chain of Baejarins Beztu hot dog stands has been in business since 1937. The current owner’s grandfather started the business and moved it to Tryggvagata in the 1960s. The stand is right across the street from the Harpa Concert Hall. Former United States President Bill Clinton even visited the stand in August 2004. The stand has also been featured in travel guidebooks and was chosen as Europe’s best hot dog stand by a British newspaper in 2006.


When you are in Iceland, you’ll want to try the country’s famous hot dogs. The Baejarins Beztu Pylsur in downtown Reykjavik has been serving hot dogs since 1937. They now have several locations and accept credit cards. You’ll want to try the Iceland hot dog, which is a blend of beef and pork. Icelandic sheep roam free and eat grass, which makes the meat tender and juicy.

When you’re visiting Iceland, you’ll want to try the Icelandic Hot Dog, the country’s national fast food. The traditional Icelandic Hot Dog is made with Icelandic lamb, pork, or beef. The Icelandic gas station hot dog is not gourmet food, but it is an affordable option when traveling on a budget.

Iceland hot dogs are one of the cheapest meals in the country. You can stop at one of the many locations along the ring road to grab a delicious bite to eat. The Pylsuvagninn Selfossi hot dog stand is one of the most popular places to buy one. The hot dog stands are open from 10 a.m. to two in the morning on weekdays and until 4 in the morning on weekends.


Icelanders love their hot dogs and most gas stations have them available for purchase. These hot dogs are served in a warm bun and come with the usual accompaniments such as a crispy fried onion, white, raw onion, and sweet brown mustard. You can also order them with remuladi sauce, which is made of mustard and Mayo.

The most famous Iceland hot dog stand is Baejarins Beztu Pylsur, which translates to “The Best Hot Dog in Town.” Originally a stand on Tryggvagata street, there are now multiple locations throughout the city. This popular stand also accepts credit cards. The meat used to make Iceland’s famous hot dog is a mixture of beef and pork, as well as lamb. Icelandic sheep are grass-fed and roam freely, making them an ideal source for delicious hot dogs.

The Meistarinn hot dog stand is located in Stykkisholmur, West Iceland. Although only open during the summer months, it is said to have the best hot dogs in Iceland. Another hot dog stand in the country is Pylsuvagninn Akureyri, in North Iceland. This restaurant offers the traditional Icelandic or Akureyri Hot Dog and offers it with a fried onion and remoulade sauce.